• Nightly Roundup #1152

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    Tonight's Stories

    Singapore Bronies Interviewed

    More foreign news publications are covering pony it seems, this time in Singapore! Check out the full story here!

    Ponibooru Film Night

    This week we're doing a T.V. Party and to mark the occasion, we will be watching almost purely canadian shows. So you can blame Canada. If you have nothing to do for four hours, drop on by. I've never even heard of half of these shows:

    Anatole: A cartoon about a french mouse. There's nothing to expand on, that's it.

    Inspector Gadget and the Gadgetinis: Inspector Gadget has cronies and Penny is a teenager.

    Alfred Hedgehog: Furry cartoon about a Hedgehog that tries to learn about the reality of nature. He also has a forensic club house. Actually pretty decent aside from the chameleon episode.

    Xiaolin Chronicles: The sequel/retcon to the original Xiaolin Showdown. They never should have made this show. Not even Tara Strong saved this. As a matter of fact, it just made it worse. 

    My. Life. Me: It's another case of people thinking they know how to make anime in a highschool setting and failing miserably. 

    Packages from planet x: This show doesn't even explain itself in the first episode. Some kid get's boxes that do things and he's also a self centered jerk so you know he's the main character.

    World of Quest: A cartoon that parodies He-man based on a comic.

    The Tofus: A cartoon that is a satire of hippies. And it's rating can get it put on nickleodeon. So it doesn't even go far with it's comedy.

    Mudpit: live action show that's basically what non-gamers think MMORPG's are.

    Crash Canyon: Canadian Family Guy

    The Ripping Friends: It's a John Krcifalusi cartoon so you know it's gonna be messed up.

    Mole Sisters: It's about Mole Sisters. And a narrator that has to describe everything going on, because kids can't pay attention.

    Being Ian: Cartoon about an annoying kid who wants to be a film director. Home Movies it is not.

    Hoze Hounds. Cartoon about fire fighter dogs.

    DirtGirlWorld: horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.

    Host's for film night will be:
    Harlequin Jester
    Pony Cat


    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Russian MLP Convention Announcements

    We, the team of Russian internet radio “NTV” would like to help English speaking bronies visit Russian pony conventions. Unfortunately these events don't have English pages yet, but we collected all essential information about upcoming events and translated it. We have information about one big and two smaller events so far. Now with photos from the past events! http://www.ponyonair.ru/p/russia-my-little-pony-conventions.html

    Brony Musician Looking for Support - Update

    Hello all! I'm Night Breeze / Wind Wolf, an active musician from the fandom since 2011, and programmer from Silly Mare Games (pony games like Harmony PCG, Choke on my Woona, SMG's Nightfall, and more), and I'm in need of help. I live in a country with big economic problems, and my family and I have been having some problems since November. Because of that, I was supposed to leave in a few months, and travel someplace where I could work on a farm, hotel, restaurant or whatever else I could get, just to make some money to bring back home. I would have had to leave my home, my friends, my family and my music, my passion, just to make some money to bring back. And it wouldn't have been just once. Nevertheless, though, YOU GUYS got on board, and started helping me through Patreon: a website developed to support artists, through which I could get a small income for each music track (wether pony-related or pony-unrelated) I composed. Thanks to that, alongside with a job I got into, I've been able to help my family with the money, afford my own stuff and, at the same time, keep growing on my art, and I'm incredibly thankful to be able to say that. This all would not be possible without your help. It's still early to call it a victory, though. Things are starting to look bright for us, but I'm still in need of your help. I'm giving my best on this matter, but I can't really do it alone-- and that's why I'd like to ask for your help, if that's okay. There's this chance, this BIG chance-- with your help, I KNOW things can be different. With your help, I could keep working on my music, for which I've developed myself for years, while currently studying it at the university as well-- it truly is my passion, it is what I love. All I need is a small, tiny support from each person who's interested. A small economic aid for each new full track I compose, usually just twice a month (never more). Doesn't matter how small the help is, it would make ALL the difference in the world to me. I'm currently 62% through for the first milestone, and 32% through for the second one. I know this can be done, and I'll keep working hard for it! http://www.patreon.com/windwolf Thank you, so much. Your help is hugely appreciated.

    Brony Network Stream Weekend {Month of Miyazaki Edition}

    This month of march we're playing 2 miyazaki movies at kings lounge each saturday night before and after toonami. Also this weekend is Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Finale at BN Ustream, don't miss out the last 2 part episode of LPS as we end it with a bang. MLP Season 5 now has an air date, April 4th, we confirm that we'll be playing the season premier when it comes GET HYPE!!....
    Friday {3/6/15
    Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult {PG-13} [BN Lounge 4]
    9pm Central / 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific
    Saturday {3/7/15}
    Littlest Pet Shop {S.3 Ep. 25 & 26 / It's The Pet Fest!} {SEASON 3 FINALE} [BN Ustream] 
    11am CT / 12 Noon ET / 9am PT 
    Toonami Pre-Show: [King's Lounge 2] 
    DBZ Kai {S1 EP13}: 
    7pm CT / 8pm ET / 5pm PT
    Sword Art Online {S1 EP6}:
    7:25pm CT / 8:25pm ET / 5:25pm PT  
    Welcome to the NHK {S1 EP4}:
    7:47pm CT / 8:47pm ET / 5:47pm PT
    Death Note {S1 EP.12}:
    8:10pm CT / 9:10pm ET / 6:10pm PT
    Death Note {S1 EP.13}:
    8:30pm CT / 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT
    Samurai Champloo {S1 EP.4}:
    8:55pm CT / 9:55pm ET / 5:55pm PT
    The Castle of Cagliostro {PG}:
    9:20pm CT / 10:20pm ET / 7:20pm PT
    Toonami [King's Lounge 2] 
    11pm CT / 12 {Midnight} ET / 9pm PT 
    Castle in the Sky {PG}
    2:30am CT / 3:30am ET / 12:30am PT
    Follow Us on Twitter @TheBronyNetwork / Steam Community Group / BN Deviantart for more News & Updates.

    CinemaQuestria Weekend Plan Mar. 6 15

    Howdy y'all!!

    March come roaring in like a lion and we here at CQ have an awesome weekend of fun ready to go!
    Starting things off this Friday, AnimeQuestria starts our weekends our right. We'll be starting a new series, "Doraemon (2005)" episodes 1, 2 and 3. After that, a pony episode of the audience's choosing and finally, we'll be breaking out the keyboards and mice as we play a video game of your choice. The fun starts at 8:00 pm EST USA (GMT -5) on March 6th.

    Saturday has a huge assortment of fun for our viewers. Sonic Boom! Starts it off with the new episode "How to Succeed in Evil" at 7:00 am EST. At 1:00 pm EST, our monthly themed Saturdaymovies kick it off with "March Madness". This time, we'll be watching the 1963 action-comedy "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World". Immediately after that, we'll be going to the exits as CQRiffs takes a look at "Teen Titans Go". CQRiffs begins after the movie, around 3:30 pm EST. All of these are on March 7th.
    To cap the weekend, Babble with Bronies will be bringing back Inky Notebook of the Traveling Pony Museum for a second interview. We'll be catching up with them and what they've been up to since we last spoke with them back in 2012. This begins at 4:00 pm EST on March 8th. TPM website( http://travelingponymuseum.com/)
    All of this can be found here: http://cinemaquestria.com.

    Thanks and hope to see you there!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Brony Spotlight: Episode 21-The Evening Sonata

    My Little Pony Facts

    Pony Facts about Cloudkicker and Rumble

    Two Minute Review - My Little Pony: FiM Seasons 1 - 4

    MLP:FiM S1E1 Blind Reaction - Friendship is Magic Part 1

    The Wonderbronies - A New Podcast

    The Wonderbronies, a new Brony radio show focused on critiquing MLP and the works of the fandom as well as hosting special guests, is set to begin with regular weekly episodes starting March 29 2015 at 8:00pm EDT. We will be reviewing Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks. And then on April 5, 2015, we will be reviewing and talking about the Season 5 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    More information about the show as well as podcasts, tune-in location, chat room with the DJs, how to be on the show, and more, can be found at http://lovinity.org/radio_wonderbronies .
    This show is syndicated live over the Bronydom Network.

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    March 6, 2011-2014

    2011 - No DVD or Soundtrack in the works for MLP.

    2012 - Season 2 finale rumors and Fluttershy's 3D scene broken down.

    2013 - Season 4 hype.

    2014 - 3D Pony Creator.

    Twitter: Calpain