• Tumblr Spotlight - Derpy Edition: Out of Work Derpy / Ask Plush Ponies / Lovestruck Derpy

    Derpy has had her share of tumblrs as well! It only makes sense as we don't really know much about her from the show so why not try to fill in the blanks in her story and personality?

    Check on after the break for some Derpy tumblrs we've featured!

    Many people have been hit hard by the tough economy so I'm sure those folks can find plenty to relate to with our first spotlight of today. With her cameos as an extra on FiM decreasing, Derpy has found herself out of work! Filled with different story arcs and several pages of content, this tumblr is a load of fun and an interesting twist on Derpy's character! Check it out.

    Out of Work Derpy - First Page - Current Page

    Ask Plush Ponies

    Next up is probably the very first pony plush tumblr and one of the oldest pony tumblrs I can think of. Starting off as Ask Derpy Plush way back in 2011 I believe, the tumblr began by following the adventures of Derpy in real life and her interactions with other toys. As time went on, the plush collection grew and Derpy suddenly had lots of friends to include on her adventures!

    If you're in for some real life shenanigans, check this oldie out!

    Ask Plush Ponies - Current Page - Archive

    Ask Lovestruck Derpy

    Derpy and The Doctor have been a pairing since the early days with several stories, pictures, and even videos depicting their relationship. One of the best fan examples of Derpy and Doctor storytelling comes from the Ask Lovestruck Derpy tumblr! An adorable interpretation of the two, this tumblr is filled with cute and funny and is sure to please any Derpy and Doctor Whooves fan. Check it out below!

    Ask Lovestruck Derpy - Current Page - First Page 

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