• GalaCon 2015 Cosplay Contest

    Good news for those in Europe who want to show off their awesome cosplay costumes. GalaCon has just announced the cosplay contest for GalaCon 2015. You can find the full press release on their website or below the break.

    Applications for the GalaCon 2015 Cosplay Contest are open!

    For 2014, the cosplay contest got a complete overhaul. Coming a long way from a small side event, the contest got a chance for cosplayers of all skill levels to present their hobby and passion. According to the feedback from last year´s participants and audience, the contest was a great success. Mainly the concept to open the contest not only to professionals, but also to the group of amateurs and absolute beginners.

    The cosplay contest at GalaCon 2015 will continue this established concept and only add a few improvements, mainly based on the experience and the feedback of last year’s participants.
    Fun remains the main idea of the contest. It´s not only about winning, but also about sharing ideas and experience, presenting own creations and simply having fun in making and wearing costumes, performing on stage or modeling in a group.

    An once more revised set of categories will make for equal chances for both professionals and beginners. All categories relate to one certain aspect of cosplaying, so everyone gets the possibility to win a prize showing his or her talent. To meet the convention theme, the extra category ‘Best Villain’ will be introduced. It should also serve as an inspiration for some great cosplays or performances

    Just as last year, three kinds of applications are possible. Prospective applicants can apply for a plain presentation of their costume on the runway, but also for a performance on stage. It is also possible to take part as a group with a group performance. Of course, groups and performances will be judged in own categories.

    If you want to apply, please use the registration form (http://goo.gl/forms/gxpZI6qfTv). You can also find the form and more information about the contest, especially the contest rules, on the GalaCon website (www.galacon.eu). For questions or help, feel free to contact the GalaCon Event Management via cosplay@galacon.eu.
    Twitter: Gameleon