• It's DERPY DAY! We Post DERPY!

    13.8 billion years ago when the universe was freshly EXPLODED, something happened that forced a perfect series of events leading to the an animation error in the first episode of Friendship is Magic. Just sit back and think on that for a moment. All those years, all the space debris that could have wiped out Earth as we know it, the potential universe changing errors, and this one survives and thrives!  Friends, Citizens of Ponyville, fandom people, those just here for the questionable pony images, it's time to celebrate. 

    Today we Derpy. Expect some classic Derp littered throughout our normal stuff. Since we didn't specifically collect new things, it may be a bit more blast to the pasty than normal, but I bet some of you new EQDers probably haven't seen some of the best derp.

    Now go! Celebrate Derpy in the comments! How has this random cosmic oddity effected your life?!