• Random Merch: Giant Easter Bundle Art Set, Knockoff EG Stuff, Italian Egg Figure, and More!

    Easter is ramping up, so expect a lot of stuff based on that as we move closer to April. Up above, we have a giant art set found at K-Mart, Easter basket style, and below the break, more random merch! Go get it!  And thanks to Victorsaurus for the image on that one.

    Italian Egg Set

    I'm kinda curious about what is actually in this. The description is interesting:

    (Google Translate Style)
    Easter is an event even more fun with The Sorpresovo My Little Pony Hasbro! The traditional Easter egg becomes a fun container full of surprises just for all the girls who want to enter the world of My Little Pony, where friendship is magic! Pony soft and cuddly: every child will find the horses with which to live many adventures with elegance and imagination! What aspects to open your Sorpresovo and accomplish your favorite pony with accessories that are. . . mane, wings, tail, pendants and adhesives. A common feature of all the ponies is to live wonderful adventures and fun to do many activities playing with all girls ages 3 and up!

    Found at: Italian Amazon
    Sent By: James

    Random Costco Shirts

     Lots of random shirts out there these days.  Have more! Sadly they use the normal vectors.

    Found at: Costco
    Sent By: Clayton

    Knockoff EG Dolls

    Because knocking off thee is the best idea apparently. I like that Trixie on the mane cast. Good idea.

    Found at: Ebay
    Sent By: Georgia

    Twilight Sparkle Purse

    Be pretty fandom.

    Found at: Khols
    Sent By:  Presently Imperfect

    Star Lights Ceiling Projector

    Found at: Target
    Sent By: Blas and Annie

    Art of Equestria Book Gets a Pre-Order Date

    Apparently this one was incorrectly listed as available a while back, but now has a pre-order date of way out in October. Hopefully more info appears soon, including an image!

    Found at: Amazon
    Sent By: Stardreamer