• More Most Dangerous Game Sixth Place Winner: Second Singularity

    Jake the Army Guy — This is one of those stories that starts off so benign, but quickly turns on you. The jarring scene shifts, at first annoying, become both horrifying and enthralling once you grasp the full context. The story of Lyra’s progression from curious filly to obsessed professor—disjointed as it is—is organic and realistic, and seeing her go all “Doctor Frankenstein” was a real treat. The ending is quite dark, but it perfectly fits with the overall tone. Speaking as a guy who generally hates tragic endings, this was beautifully grim. All in all, an expertly crafted thriller, one that really nails the spirit of this contest.


    Author: dayoldspaghetti

    Description: All her life, Professor Lyra Heartstrings has passionately sought scientific proof for the existence of "human" beings, a technologically-advanced race of sentient creatures who theoretically ruled the world in a time before ponies. But now that Lyra stands upon the brink of Equestria's most important anthropological discovery, she's haunted with the gnawing thought that not all projects that begin should necessarily be finished. (This is an entry into Obselescence's The More Most Dangerous Game Contest, with the Prompt Being a Re-Interpretation of JasonTheHuman's classic fanfic, Anthropology.)
    Second Singularity

    Additional Tags:
    Grim dark, tragic, humans, technology, scientific ambition