• In-Kind Donations for GalaCon Charity Auction

    GalaCon is still a few months away, but nevertheless the convention is already hard at work with preperations. The con has just announced that they've started accepting in-kind donations to auction off at the big Charity Auction they are holding during the con.

    Find the full press release below the break!

    In-Kind Donations for GalaCon 2015 Charity Auction

    We’ve become such a huge community, bustling with generosity! But what is even more important is that we know that our generosity cannot be an end in itself. Generosity is only as good as the good it does for those we help.
    And we can help tremendously if we do it right. It is big-hearted and bold to treat strangers like friends—it is also necessary. The millions of people in extreme poverty and at risk of malaria are strangers to most of us, but they are the people who need our help most and they are also the people we can help most effectively. Let us prove to them that this world is not too big and never cold!
    The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) has been making distance irrelevant for over a decade. With mere monetary donations, people from around the world can save the lives of those who would otherwise have succumbed to malaria. And because AMF is one of the most effective charities in the world, even small donations—$3 for a mosquito net—have a great impact. That is why Bronies for Good has dedicated Seed of Kindness to fundraising for AMF.
    This year we at GalaCon will dedicate our charity auction to the Seed of Kindness fundraiser for the fourth successive year. A silent auction will allow potential buyers to bid on their coveted items throughout most of the convention, and a live auction will determine who gets the most valuable of items. Plus, on the Saturday of the convention we want to surprise you!
    To donate in kind to the auction, please email us at donations@galacon.eu. We’ll be happy to give you all the instructions you’ll need and our shipping address. If you have any questions about your in-kind donations at the last GalaCon, you can reach us at the same address.

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