• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with William Anderson

    Stay Brony My Friends is back with yet another awesome guest and an awesome charity to support as well! Nabbing the incredibly talented William Anderson, BGM artist extraordinaire, the charity musician has chosen to support Riders for Health!

    Check on after the break to learn how you can get involved and to learn a bit about Anderson himself.

    Once again our intrepid heroes forge their way though a bleak, unforgiving tartarus that is the My Little Pony off season. Surrounded by Rad scorpions and the empty husks of the wasteland's inhabitants, they endeavor to being you the best guests they can find hiding out in New Las Pegasus......

    No wait, that was the dream I had last night!

    Yes your pals Dustykatt and Screwball are back to bring you another wonderful guest and a great hour and a half of fun and shenanigans. This week we welcomed William Anderson, composer  and score writer for your favorite show , My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic. Not only that, but Will worked on Earthworm Jim, Biker Mice from Mars, All the Equestria Girls movies and shorts as well as much much more!

    We talked about his work on those series as well as The Oscars, favorite microphones, studio geekery, and his short period as a member of Weird Al's band and working on Al's CBS morning show.

    We also have a great charity drive this time. They are called "Riders for Health" and come with their very own EQUESTRIAN PRINCESS!!! I'm not kidding, here, check it out!

    Medicine is life, in the most immediate, meaningful sense. All the scientific advances in the world don’t mean a thing, though, if you can’t get the medicine to where it’s needed. There are still parts of the world where no road goes and no airplane dares fly. Enter Riders for Health.
    You have GOT to check these guys out.

    This is bravery and skill and generosity at its finest. Remote villages in Africa are often so far off the beaten path that not even a Land Rover can get there, and it is in these isolated places where some of the worst epidemics have their origin. So how are lifesaving medicines delivered? Off-road motorcyclists, able to travel the roughest terrain, able to evade civil war conflict zones, and able to get where disease threatens to become an outbreak quickly, are the key. This is true, noble adventure in the finest sense of the word, and has directly led to interventions that prevented medical disaster. Your donations (which will be matched one-per-five up to one hundred dollars in matching funds by Caerdwyn) go directly to equipping, training, and supporting these modern-day heroes.

    And to top it off… this group is overseen by a real Princess, and a Jedi! Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne the Princess Royal of England, and the actor Sir Ewan MacGregor (who played young Obi-Wan Kenobi), are among those who directly oversee the activities of Riders for Health. It’s well-run, it’s efficient, and it’s becoming a model for other relief charities.
    Saving lives has never been this cool.
    Here, have a video

    You are going to LOVE this. Her Royal Highness was the President of the International Equestrian Federation… basically, the FIFA of Horses… and was an Olympian rider. That’s right, she’s a 100% real-life no-kidding Equestrian Princess!

    Not only will Caerdwyn do his usual 1 for 5 match up to 100 bucks, but WILL ANDERSON himself will kick in 100 bucks if we crack 500 AND will throw in an 8 by 10 glossy of his OC art signed! He can't get to many cons so this might be the only chance you get to have his autograph. I'll also kick in some swag as well as our sponsor "Littles Toy Company"  ( http://www.littlestoycompany.com)  kicking in three plush figures. Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Pinkie Pie in winter gear. 

    SO, A wonderful charity that helps kids in Africa, Motorcycles, Sir Ewan MacGregor, AN EQUESTRIAN PRINCESS! How could this one not be awesome?

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