• Music of the Day #457

    Twilight Sparkle gets wings and suddenly decides to start walking around on 2 legs everywhere. This is what really happened.

    I have no idea where I was going with that. Have some Music of the Day

    [1] Source
    Totalspark - Funk That
    Glitch Hop

    [2] Source
    Daniel Ingram - Love Is In Bloom (Acoustic cover by EnergyBrony)

    [3] Source
    Equestrian Sunrise (Extended)

    [4] Source

    [5] Source
    Jackle App - Scootaloo's Wings [NyxTheShield's Cover]

    [6] Source
    Sunshine and Celery Stalks (RMX)

    [7] Source

    [8] Source
    Discord's Lament (Brony FX Cross Post)