• EQD Heading to Galacon This Year!

    We've blabbered about this over on Twitter a bit, but now it is official. Several of us here on EQD are heading to Europe for Galacon! Expect the madness, expect the ponies, and expect us to answer all sorts of questions about running the pony blog that somehow keeps surviving half year segments of no episodes! There are 7 of us flying over, so it's going to be pretty big.

    Get the full presser from Galacon below!

    When Sethisto started his little blog project on a cool new show about cartoon horses back in 2011 he probably couldn't have imagined what's going to happen.

    Equestria Daily soon became the largest and most frequented news hub on "Friendship Is Magic" and all things pony. From the community for the community. Together with some other staff members from EQD, you will get insights and anecdotes on the history of the site, followed by a Q&A section. Also, we expect much love and admiration for the great and powerful Trixie.

    We are very happy to welcome them to this years GalaCon as our first officially announced community guests.

    your GalaCon staff"