• Spike Day Commence!

    Let the Day of the Dragon begin!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Spike Day! Our little scaly friend has had a rough time in the show and the fandom at times, but he always stands right back up and dusts himself off! We'll be trying our best to bring you some Spike themed posts today as well as our regular news so we hope you enjoy!

    I know we have a Spike Drawfriend planned and I plan on doing at least a Tumblr Spotlight featuring one excellent Spike tumblr I found as well as a compilation of all the sweet Spike swag out there.

    In the meantime, why not go and visit the voice of Spike, Cathy Weseluck, and give her some thanks! She's an incredibly awesome lady I've had the pleasure to meet at various cons and she deserves a hand (or hoof) my friends!

    Cathy's Twitter Page

    Twitter: Calpain