• New York Toy Fair 2015 - Following Up on Everything My Little Pony to Expect for the Next Year!

    New York Toy Fair has officially come to a close, and a good amount of our future toy lines are now on display.  While not every Hasbro licensee was in attendance, quite a few did manage to make it over.

    If digging through all the posts is too much of a pain, get it all in one instead. Below the break, you will find each of the categories revealed, along with their upcoming lineups.

    Expect posts as each of these pop up in stores!

    Friendship is Magic Collection

    For specific sets, hit up this post. This is a good display of what they all look like on display though.

    Official Brushables 

    Not a whole lot of new ones here, but we did finally get some Coco Pommel. 

     Glorious COCO POMMEL

     Dash and Rarity Gala Dresses

    Mayor Marx 

     Winged Ponies

    Pop Figures

    The bases on these are apparently going to include a marker thing that lets you decorate them. Other than that, we just have some variants on normal ones, along with more princesses.

    Princess Cadance (AKA lovebutt AKA Candybutt) 

     Metal Dash

     Metal Fluttershy 


    Playskool Stuff

    For the toddlers out there.

    Equestria Girls

    A lot was revealed at Toy Fair, including the entire theme of the movie. Expect some spoilers.

    Yep, they got the motor cycles.

    And yep, that's Flash Sentry with GREEK GOD MUSCLES.

    Wondercolts vs. Shadowbolts

    DJ Stage

    More of the one above

    MIDNIGHT Sparkle

    Get the video and spoilers over here.


    My personal favorite lineup.  While I'm not usually a shining armor fan, his Funko toy actually looks really well done. Cadance is the best though, along with these neat Rainbow Dash hikari variants. Expect them to appear in Spring. Gallery time:

    New Rainbow Dash Hikari figures

     Chrome Variant

    Funko POP! Toys 

    Cadance, Spike, and Shining Armor Confirmed for next! 

    Old ponies

    Get our coverage on Funko here.

    Midnight Mares

    These actually slipped right through the cracks! It looks like this fandom project is going all out with it's own toy line

    Check out their trailer over here.

    Diamond Select Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash

    Diamond Select will be running two more banks to go with the others releasing this year.  

    Pinkie Pie actually game in early as an EQD exclusive. Full details on that over here.

    And Rainbow Dash. Both banks will be $22 each.

    Fashems / Squishy Pop and Misc Stuff 

    Quite a bit of old mixed in with some new lineup toys from Fashems.  Full details over here, but have the image gallery with higher resolution stuff:

    The big thing here is the CMC And Gala dress ponies. 

    [Whale sounds]

    Full coverage on these over here.

    Pillow Pets

    Full post over here


    Just a Celestia from these guys.

    Apocalypse Ponies

    These guys aren't actually official Hasbro merchandise, but they are cool anyway.  The Kickstarter ended at $103,682, so there is obviously some demand for them.

    Full post over here with more images.

    TY Plushie Display

    There wasn't anything new here really outside of their re-designed models we already posted. Still fun to see it though!

    And that about covers it. As with before, you can find all of this over at the Toy Fair tag if you want the full comments and stuff.