• Ponies in the News - ABC, CNBC, and The Voice all Drop Pony Articles

    We have apparently been a hot topic lately for various news organizations out there. With PonyCon 2015 bringing in a whopping 1700 people over on New York, that isn't too surprising.

    If you are interested in seeing what the general reporting public things of us four years after popping into existence, have some articles. Surprisingly, most of it is positive.

    Head on down below the break for all of it!

    CNBC Closing Bell Debate on Hasbro Vs. Mattel

    This one wasn't directly pony, but it's interesting to see two of the big titans duke it out.  CNBC did debated on the value of each of their stocks. Ace Reporter SleepySteve decided to transcribe literally the entire thing.  He's crazy. Pessimistic sometimes down there in the comments, but crazy.

    Get it over here.

    The Village Voice: Why Female My Little Pony Fans Are Exalted Among 'Bronies'

    Are they exalted? What do you think commenters?

    Get the full article over here.

    (Thanks to everyone that sent that one)

    ABC News: Bronies Take Brooklyn for Ponycon 2015

    If you are lazy like me, have a video instead:

    The article can be found over here.

    (Thanks to Background pony and everyone else for that one)

    And that about covers it! Everything else recently has been in the Nightly Roundups, so be sure to check those if you want more.

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