• Quick Recap of Newsy Stuff from Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015 - Including Equestria Girls 3 With Motorcycles

    Toy Faires are apparently all happening everywhere lately, and one in particular went down over in Nuremberg. We tossed up a bit of information on it, but one of our buddies over in Germany, Gerjet, wrote up a quick recap of his experience on the actual floor. You may remember him from last year, also revealing some interesting tidbits.

    We mentioned motorcycles recently in regards to the upcoming Friendship Games Equestria Girls movie, but this one fully confirms that aspect. Expect Sunset Shimmer donning a leather jacket in the near future! Assuming they go that route.

    Now go get his recap below!

    Recap Courtesy of Gerjet from Germany:

    Yet another International Toy Fair in Nuremberg is coming to its end today and again it was an informative visit. As I know you all you are mostly interested in what pony goods will be there for you to buy this year and what to expect from Hasbro, like last year, most items are NDA’d due to their in development status> Thankfully, a bit of teasing and already known information won’t violate it.
    So let’s begin with the two product highlights: Princess Cadence and the Magical Castle. The pony princess of love will be a 20 cm large brushable with a glowing leg and horn that activates when you press her cutie mark. She is noticeably bigger than the common brushable and the brightness of the glowing parts is decent, even in a normal illuminated room.
    The Magical Castle on the other hand is the largest My Little Pony toy of the past decade. For the suggested price of € 100 the castle with over 50 accessories can be purchased this autumn. From books in the library to cake in Celestia’s cake room to Spike the Dragon and even more cake for the cake room you can play Home Alone Celestia Edition and other adventures with our beloved princess. One feature of the castle itself is that her throne is also an elevator to the balcony with Luna’s lookout. Sadly the princess of the night is not included in this playset.

    Now for the teasing! As you might have heard from the London Toy Fair a third Equestria Girls movie is coming and it will contain FRIENDSHIP GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES (Sorry Martin and Blake for the pun). After the dance theme of the first and the music theme of the second movie this time we will have some #profesionalism with the girls. The toys will mirror some of the activities but enough for that for now.

    Some of you might be interested in the other teaser from the ITF booth as well. There will be in selected countries (no details yet) more show-accurate playsets – re-imagining certain events from the show, even with certain buildings, machines and antagonists. More details on them will probably pop up after the American International Toy Fair.

    Before I end this, there is still one more thing to mention: As you might have seen, there is also a „connect the past with the future“ mentality at Hasbro, celebrating the 30th anniversary of My Little Pony as well as displaying old generations at the booth and in the press material. A wish of Hasbro towards the convention creators and bronies would be more acceptance of the history and the old fans. My Little Pony is not just the Equestria saga, there is so much more to discover and old ponies also need some love from the fans.