• Discussion: Korra Pulled off A Bisexual Main Character, How Would You React if Hasbro Did it for a Pony?

    It's almost Hearts and Hooves day, so why not keep the romance going? The year is 2015, and pop culture has apparently opened the flood gates on open-ness.  Recently, Nickelodeon allowed, and then celebrated the main character of Legend of Korra hooking up with another major female character in the finale, marking one of the first lesbian relationships between main characters in a show on a kids network.

    Obviously, pony's target audience may be a bit lower, but we have seen some pretty tough issues explored throughout the seasons already.  The odds are low, but there is always a possibility that characters like Lyra and Bonbon may officially become an item.

    In some ways, keeping the ponies a blank slate sort of gives us free reign to do whatever we please with them on the fan side, which I tend to prefer, but if two of the mane 6 suddenly ended up dating in season 5, what would your reaction be?

    Hit those comments up with your thoughts!