• Youtube Reviewer MrEnter Suspended on Youtube

    We've been receiving a lot of emails about the suspension of MrEnter, a popular Youtube reviewer and analyst, thanks to copyright claims by Viacom. While he does review and analyze a large number of topics he has also reviewed quite a bit of pony as well!

    With popular pony analysts such as DrWolf and Silver Quill responding to the take down it highlights a scary reality that all it takes is a big company to just WANT you gone; no real evidence required. Hopefully MrEnter will be able to get his channel back in the near future (and that this doesn't hurt any of our pony analysts as well), but until then you can find him on DailyMotion and catch updates on his deviantArt account.

    Check on after the break for DrWolf and Silver's response and thank you all for sending this our way.

    MrEnter's DailyMotion
    MrEnter's Journal Explaining Suspension

    Twitter: Calpain