• Pony Bodypaint Invades Danish Reality Award Show

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    Over at a Danish Reality Award show a few days ago, one of the adult actresses decided to show off a bit of ponyness via a full body painting job.  Our submitters, "The Danish Adonis" and Niels did a bit of translating for us from the article over here:

    Nicole Brøggler, a semi-famous girl from various Danish reality shows and a newly debuted "adult Actress" (Google her name for more information on this), showed up to a Danish Reality Award show like this a couple of days ago, wearing nothing but body-paint and high heels, and with her hair colored like a certain purple librarian. On her chest is written "My Little Porno", and on her stomach is a somewhat sloppy drawing of Applejack. There is also a small sketch of Twilight on her back.

    She does not give a reason for the Pony motif, other than she thought i would be fun.

    I wonder what her pony name is? Should we run an event for that?

    Anyway, get the full size images below the break, censored due to Americans exploding at the sight of female areolas.

    And a Twilight Sparkle Tattoo to top it off!