• Discussion: Have You Ever Been Bullied or Picked On For Liking Ponies?

    My Little Pony in general has always had a pretty big stigma associated with it.  I joke around all the time and say that the show would be twice as popular in the internet world if it was simply called ponies. While the 80's cartoon wasn't awful for it's time, it's still pretty heavily associated with pre-teen little girls.  Friendship is Magic has escaped this in the geek sphere, but outside of it we are still an enigma.

    So, good fans of cartoon equines, how has pony treated you in the real world? Have you ever been picked on for liking ponies by your friends, relatives, or random people at school or work? Or do you hide it and make sure no one ever finds out?

    Hit up the comments with your story! Maybe we can get a section going on how to seek help if it gets worst in the future.  My best advice would be to hit up that meetup map and make some local likeminded friends.

    This one came out of a podcast I did yesterday with Lunar Echoes that should release in a few days, so thanks to them for the idea!