• New Anime Themed Sister Site for EQD Launches! Introducing DESUDAILY!

    As most of you have probably picked up over the years with all of our anime references and love for JAPAN TIME, we have a soft spot here for anime.  It's something most of us and our immediate pony circles are involved in while waiting between seasons for more cartoon horses. 

    We have always considered adding another side blog to go along with Equestria Daily, but couldn't quite decide on a specific topic. There have been Gravity Falls ideas, MOBA themed sites, and a plethora of others thrown around, but never anything we could really fully grasp. At the end of the day, it was either going to be gaming or anime focused, and since gaming websites are a nightmare, anime wins!

    Like EQD, Desu Daily will be focused on bringing in the anime and manga news, fan art, silly Youtube videos, music remixes, and other things you've come to expect here in ponyland. Obviously one show Vs. the entire world of anime is going to be a bit different, so we have some growing pains to get through, but for now it should be a lot of fun!

    Expect writer recruitment, and expect  us to lose our minds figuring out exactly how to keep it from turning into a flood, and expect the usual nonsense you've come to know here on EQD.  Check out Desudaily over here!

    (And be sure to hit that submit section to send in your interesting anime finds!) 

    Update: Since some are worried, followup message reassuring you all that this will not effect EQD in any way on a day to day basis!