• A Quick Note on Desu Daily For Those Worried About Its Impact on EQD - Don't Worry!

    I've been getting a lot of emails and responses worried that our new Desu Daily EQD style blog, is going to detract from pony, so I figured I'd get a followup going on what exactly is going on with it to put some of those fears to rest!

    Desu Daily is staffed by primarily a different section of Equestria Daily. They either haven't actively posted ponies in a while, or were in our fringe groups that would do specialized posts for certain events (usually writing events).  I'll be hopping over there to help out and advise every once in a while, but my focus is still Equestria Daily and ponies. I'm addicted to cartoon equines!  Expect me (Sethisto),Calpain, Leon, Illustrious Q, Cereal, Ferret, Phoe, Couch, and our in-season guys (Xyro and Krypton, etc), along with most of the reviewers to remain here.

    And on an entirely different note, we are aware that anime is an old and well established thing, and you guys aren't composed entirely of anime fans by any means.  Desu Daily isn't looking to explode and be top anime dog.  It's simply an extra convenience for those of you that do find yourselves liking both topics.  Will it grow over time? We will find out in a few months! You can help us by spreading the word and providing feedback if it interests you, along with sending in interesting news or fanworks. 

    Adjusting to a new climate will be interesting for everyone involved, and like all sites things will start off slow and get into the rhythm over time. If you'd like to help out, we have a suggestion box going to gather feedback and ideas. We are still figuring out the exact topics we'd like to cover in anime outside of fanworks. It's a massive genre in comparison to pony, so things are going to be a little bit weird. 

    So, tl;dr, no worries! Pony is #1, and if you enjoy anime, you can check out DD for fun.

    (Note: This will probably be the last actual Desu Daily post here on EQD. Further updates will be found over there. EQD stays poni)