• New Rainbow Dash Tin Houses Marshmallows! Are Squishy Marshmallow Hooves Finally an Official Thing?

    Ahh marshmallow hooves.  Rarity really did start something magical the moment she decided to show off the physical properties of a cartoon ponies clippity-cloppers.  Ponies can't possibly have hard hooves all the time. 

    Whether Rainbow Dash and her tin full of marshmallows is a shoutout to the concept of marshmallow hooves, or Hasbro just decided to expand into the sweet gooey candy business remains to be seen (probably the latter, but one can dream), but we finally have some glorious correlation to play with between the two. 

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     And if you want one, the tin was found at Home Bargains in Derby England by Tia. Happy hunting! And have fun with the plane ticket if you aren't over in England.