• My Little Chubbies Closes Its Doors

    While today marks the fourth anniversary of our own site we must sadly mark the end of another part of pony culture today. Three years ago an artist named Rai created an adorable art piece with tons of the ponies as chubby little blobs and thus chubbies were born! The idea became so popular that Rai soon made more pony chubbies and eventually developed those into a tumblr that also grew to be immensely popular.

    For me the chubbies have been a memorable part of the fandom since my early days and to see them closing up shop makes me realize that all good things unfortunately come to an end. So what does this mean for Rai? She plans on turning the tumblr into a personal/art tumblr while archiving the My Little Chubbies posts to their own tumblr for future pony fans to see.

    Good luck to you, Rai, and thank you for three years of adorable chubbies! We look forward to what you have planned in the future.

    My Little Chubbies Final Update
    My Little Chubbies Archive

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