• Equestria Daily Hits 4 Years! Have a Celebration Post! - DANCE PARTY BELOW THE BREAK (With music!)!

    Four season of Equestria Daily? Does that mean we unlock... RAINBOW POWER?!  What newfound trouble will we get ourselves into with that? Can our unofficial-yet-kind-of-used-a-lot-mascot even control her unparalleled ambition in this state? Or are we going to have to have Twilight Sparkle rescue ponyville from her Great and Powerful clutches once again?

    Anyway, it has been another year! Equestria Daily officially hits four years old today.  From a tiny little blog based on the old 4chan Comics and Cartoons board to spotlighting one of the biggest fandoms of the last few decades, things have been absolute chaos!

    We may be in the longest and most painful hiatus of in the history of Friendship is Magic, but that doesn't mean the creativity ever died for the brony fandom.  You have all made keeping a website that hasn't had an actual cartoon running in almost a year much less difficult with your excitement for the pony.  We wouldn't be here without all of you helping make a fandom spotlight and news blog actually work!

    With just a few months away from Season 5's air date, here's to hoping 2015 is just as crazy. 

    As for EQD oriented stuff, expect a few things in the coming months:

    • Another Friend Off for the artists and writers out there! 
    • Ponies Around the World! I'd start bringing pony figurines and a camera to wherever you find yourself traveling to prep for it.  The cooler the landmarks, the better. 
    • Pony looove event in February.  Ship them cartoon equines! 
    • Artist Training Ground Part 2 in the summer.  We cut it in half for December to do two a year instead! 
    • The snowpony event currently collecting entries will probably be extended, to let more people in on it due to snow not showing up in specific places.
    • More editorials! We need them! 
    • Mascot contest. We I love Trixie, but we need a normal mascot! 

    Anyway, enough talking! Enough typing! It's dance time! Get DANCE WITH MUSIC BELOW!

    (Warning: Dance not recommended if your computer has heart issues. Have one dance instead!)