• Interesting Series Of Joke Replies About Season 5 from Jayson Thiessen, Followed by WHAT?

    Someone over on Twitter going by the name of Platypusbrony asked Jayson Thiessen for a season 5 teaser, and Jayson delivered! Unfortunately all of it was common knowledge... until his final tweet.  Yeah, that's a doozy.

    More below the break for them spoilers!

    Update: Jayson has clarified some tweets here.

    Somepony will die? Who is it going to be fandom? Which one of our beloved equines is going to kick the bucket?

    Or is it a hidden message? Would they even do that in a kids show? 

    Dash's season 5 teaser says it best:

    NOTE: Newest tweet at the top

    inb4 Trixie. Trixie is not eligible.