• Music of the Day #431

    I sorted my Luna collection last night in celebration of New Years.  You know you've lost control of your life when you are dragging pictures of Luna around while fireworks are going off outside your window.

    Get some Music of the Day below!

    [1] Source
    Flyghtning - Griffon (Version 2)
    Hard Trance / Techno

    [2] Source
    EnsionD - Open Skies (feat. Evdog) [ExplodingPonyToast Remix]
    Progressive House

    [3] Source
    DJ Lun3r - Don't Stop

    [4] Source
    Apple Orchard (Applejack's Theme) by EnergyTone

    [5] Source
    Aviators - Bulletproof (Spectra Remix)
    Electro House

    [6] Source
    [Trap] Feral FurE - From Everfree with Love

    [7] Source
    It's Her Nature - Shine Together - Callenby

    [8] Source
    WoodLore - On Your Own (Metapony remix)

    [9] Source
    Cutie Mark Counterpoint

    [10] Source
    Flying SpYder - Sonic