• EQD Q&NEigh New Years Podcast

    Hey guys! hope your New Years was lotsa fun and you didn't party too hard.

     Anyways, for those of you who missed the Equestria Daily Q & Neigh yesterday we've uploaded it for everyone to view and enjoy. The lovely Alexstrazsa who hosted the event has also gone and made timestamps so you can skip our blathering and see what specifically we answered.

    We've also discussed the idea of doing these more often, would you guys be game for that? Maybe every two weeks or every month? Let us know what you think.

    Get the video below the cut.

    Join some of the EQD team for a Q&A session on New Years! Featuring:

    Alexstrazsa, The Ferret, Sethisto, Couch Crusader, Noble Cause, Midnight Shadow, Pascoite, The Illustrious Q, The Slorg, Pegasus Rescue Brigade, Bradel Bound, and Phoe

    10:48 - "If Seth disappeared for a week, who would step up to do what for the blog?"
    13:39 - "If Seth turned up the next week...would you be uncomfortable around his godhood?"
    15:15 - "Does EQD work/talk with Fimfiction or any other pony site, and if so how closely?"
    19:12 - "What are the origins of EQD? How did it get started?"
    21:35 - "Do you see any points of irreconcilable divergence between show canon and comic canon?"
    28:45 - "Which of you is the smart one?"
    31:16 - "Do you still see yourself contributing to EQD in 5 years or 10 years?"
    32:29 - "Does EQD have a working mutual relationship with the makers of MLP?"
    38:31 - "Name a VA you would like to see on the show in what role and why."
    40:09 - "Why doesn't EQD have a mascot?"
    43:19 - "How many of you are not fans of Lyra's obsession with humans?"
    47:33 - "Do you have any favorite fan-made MLP games?"
    50:21 - "Seth, if you could remove any one pony named Trixie from the show, who would it be and why?"
    50:37 - "Why doesn't the site have real forums yet?"
    53:44 - "Why do you all like EQG? Is it a conspiracy?"
    1:00:47 - "What would you do if you never became bronies?"
    1:04:35 - "How many plush ponies is too many to own?"
    1:07:00 - "Obligatory OTP."
    1:08:49 - "Are you going to any cons in 2015?"
    1:10:45 - "Thoughts on Tiarawhy?"
    1:12:53 - "Who's your favorite pony?"
    1:14:00 - "What does generation four mean from an emotional standpoint?"
    1:19:14 - "How does one join EQD?"
    1:22:32 - "Do you guys know the dude that runs Equestria After Dark?"
    1:22:56 - General inbox questions.
    1:27:54 - Acceptable guidelines for shipping fics involving fillies.
    1:34:29 - "Funniest stories about other staff members?"
    1:44:20 - "Is there a pony you ever get tired of seeing fan art for? Is there a pony that should get more?"
    1:52:28 - "What do you think about alicorn OCs?"
    1:54:40 - "Who is the best non-pony species in MLP?"
    1:57:01 - "What do you people think about Horse Game?"
    2:00:17 - "What do you think of tabletop RPGs?"
    2:03:45 - "What was the episode that first made you think 'wow there's something wonderful here'?"