• Leelah's Law Charity Event Going on Today - Con Founders, Artists, and More Attending

    Another charity livestream event is going on today for those in the mood for some giving, starring some of the founders of various conventions around the fandom.   They do a way better job of explaining it than I do, so get the extremely detailed press release below the break!

    Update: Proper link to suicide story included.

    Press Release: 

    Ever wanted to pick the brains of the founders of BronyCon or BABSCon-- really ask them anything, candidly, and get an answer? (Maybe even some gossip from the REALLY early days of the fandom?)

    Ever wanted to talk to some of the most well-known artists and fan VAs in the fandom, including a syndicated, published comics creator?

    Today is your chance-- for charity!For those following the news, 2014 ended on a sad note for the LGBT community, with the widely publicized suicide of transgender teenager Leelah Alcorn. Our fandom has more than its statistical share of trans* folk, making this hit close to home for plenty of pony people

    Today (Jan 1, 2015) at 3PM Eastern/noon Pacific, join BronyCon founder Purple Tinker, BABSCon founder SonyaLynn, artist & fan VA Jitterbug Jive, and beloved comics artist (& official EFNW artist) Dana Simpson for your chance to pick their brains for charity!

    Here's how it will work:

    For every $20 you donate (every penny of which, less any Paypal fees, will be sent to the Transgender Human Rights Institute), you get to ask one (1) of the panelists one (1) question, subject to the following limits:

    Dana Simpson (comics artist, official EFNW artist) will answer any question about any of the following:
    [1] Any of her comics or other art, or other aspects of her career (barring anything under NDA or other similar restrictions).
    [2] Transgender issues in general.

    JitterWhooves/BaldDumboRat (artist, fan voice of Derpy) will answer any question about any of the following:
    [1] Any of his comics or VA work.
    [2] Any transman/transmasculine issues.
    [3] Pansexuality
    [4] Questions about abuse

    Purple Tinker (BronyCon & Bronies-NYC founder, Ponycon co-founder, podcast host) will answer any question about any of the following:
    [1] The founding of BronyCon, Bronies-NYC or Big Apple Ponycon (besides personal information on show staff or other individuals)
    [2] The Old Grey Mare or her other charity work.
    [3] Her own transition, or transgender issues in general.

    Sonya Lynn (BABSCon founder) will answer any question about any of the following:
    [1] Anything about BABSCon, barring that which is under NDA or otherwise restricted access.
    [2] Anything else, except personal information on other people or anything pertaining to EFN staff

    The recipient of this money, The Transgender Human Rights Institute, is working to promote "Leelah's Law", which would ban anti-transgender "conversion therapy" that attempts to force transgender and gender-questioning/gender-variant youth to conform to their birth-assigned gender. It was this sort of coercive "therapy", plus the impact of non-supportive parents and community members, which led to Leelah's tragic suicide. Join us to help build a world where everyone is free to live their lives in the gender[s] they are most comfortable in.
    Join the whole crew today at 3PM Eastern/noon Pacific on Ponyville Live or PonyTonite. Both stream pages will have a link to the donation page where you can give (in $20 increments) and submit your questions to the panelists!