• We Are Looking for Volunteer Guest Writers!

    Something we have always wanted to do here on EQD, but couldn't due to time constraints, is run editorials and interesting articles on various topics around ponyland.  With most of the EQD staff working full time tech jobs on the side, and the rest of us trying to keep up with the general pony news/fandom creations as a whole, periods of inspiration for putting together anything well researched (or well written) in the editorial sphere are rare.

    Our editorial section is a good example of how uncommon these are, with only a handful in the last year or so (and many of them more silly than useful).  That's something we have wanted to change for a long time.  And so, in usual pony community way, we ask the masses out there for help. 

    Do you have a super interesting article in mind that you think would be awesome to publish here on EQD? We are opening up the submit box for it!

    As with most things here, we will only be able to accept a limited amount, and typically only the best.  Silly topics are welcome (top 5 cutest ponies in socks on the way), but we'd like to get some in depth interesting stuff as well. 

    THE CHOSEN will get to publish their completed article, and of course, list their Twitter, Deviant Art, or whatever other social network page they want people to go bug them on.  Since EQD has always been relatively small in the grand scheme of the internet, and never large enough to fully hire anyone, these will be volunteer based. As an added note, we are not taking older already published articles. Just brand new stuff!

    And with that, we are open! Hit the submit box up if you are interested in giving it a shot. Have some examples too:

    (Serious/in depth) Fandom History Series 1 / 2 / 3 
    (Silly/Fun) 5 Things we Want to See in Season 5