• Story Updates - October 26th

    So many octaves and macintoshes.  Get some story updates below!

    Story: Duet in the Folk Style (Update Part 5!)


    Author: Pascoite

    Description: Big Macintosh has a unique way of appreciating music, and Octavia certainly provides an experience. Octavia would love to get in touch with her earth pony roots, and Big Macintosh has the deepest roots around. They could learn so much from each other about why they do what they do, and they just might gain some insight into their own simple gifts in the process.

    Duet in the Folk Style (New Part 5!)

    Story: Regression (Update Part 7!)


    Author: Bronius Maximus

    Description: It's been said in prophecies that nopony will know the time or date the magic of Equestria that empowers its citizens would leave. I thought it was just superstitious nonsense written by ancient witch doctors. In a sense, they were right. But I would have never expected it to come like this. —Princess Twilight Sparkle, 05/05/1268

    Regression (New Part 7!)

    Story: Quizzical (Update - Sequel)

    [Slice of Life][Comedy] Quote: "JMac has the odd honour of having created Maud before we had even heard of her." - Pre-Reader The Carousel Pony

    Author: JMac

    Description: Princess Luna's student, Ouizzical Greystone, is sent to Ponyville to become Twilight Sparkle's assistant in friendship research. She's socially inept, suffers from debilitating shyness, and has no friends or skill for making friends. But any pony can make friends in Ponyville, right? Maybe even Quizzical.