• Random Merch: Folding Scooter, 1000 Sticker Book, Backpacks, and More!

    I wonder why they don't brand these scooters with Scootaloo stuff? She has the purple, is orange too non-girly to sell? I wonder sometimes.  Found at Target.

    Anyway, get some more non Scootaloo merch below! It's random merch time. 

    Giant 1000 Strong Sticker Book

    Found at Sams Club by Victor!

    Random Rainbow Dash Sock 

    Found at a random git shop in Vermont by Vivid

    10 inch Mini Backpack

    Found on the Walmart Website by JSKR

    Pony Jogging Sneakers

    Found over at Target by GT

    Pony Fleece Patterns

    Make your own merch! Found by Bheato at Walmart!

    NICI Lineup at Austrian Store 

    Austria has it's own plushie line, and now they appear to be invading stores.  Found at a Libro by Ayu if you find yourself over there!

    Rainbow Dash Bath Robe

    It must be bathing season or something!

    Found at HMV in Canada by Thesearcher for 60 Canadian Dollars