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    This fandom needs more wizard ponies.  Wizard ponies are always the greatest.  One could say they are in fact, quite powerful.

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    Random Ubuntu Pony Reference

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    Twilight Sparkle Plushie in NFL Video

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    TBBBAP Episode 25: Rainbow Rock

    German News Short Documentary Translated!

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    Rotton Tomatoes Posts Mini Feed About MLP Movie

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    Luna Cake!


    Review/Unboxing of the Daring Do Adventure Collection

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    MLP versus Mythology, a speculative analysis

    An analysis video in which I consider the mythological influences in Friendship is Magic in the wake of Rainbow Rock’s theatrical release, and attempt to articulate my thoughts concerning the perceived “accuracy” of the mythologies represented in the show (and films)!

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    Diary of Sunset Shimmer Part 2

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    Lunar Echoes #38

    Hey everypony Episode 38 is now up for Lunar Echoes, we did an interview with RosenXKnight - Tumblr blogger of Ghostly Scootaloo and an awesome cute artist. Also consider supporting us on Patreon for exclusive insider info and photos and gifts for you!

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    BwB episode 96

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    We'll be viewing and reviewing the season two episode Dragon Quest. Stop on by as it's sure to be a great time of discussion!

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    Stable-Talk - Ep 003 - Waveform

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    Bat Pony Plushie
    Mane 6 Illustrated Keyrings
    Custom Tiny Pony Figurines

    German translation on the Documentary: 

    Headline: Men love pink ponies

    They're pink, they're made of plush and they turn joung man's heads - the horses from the TV series My Little Pony. The male fans call themself Bronies which is a mix between brother and pony. Niklas Bömke is one of them.

    First I saw a parody. There it was recommended to watch an episode - and of course I did. First I thought it was bad, I did't get it. But before I was able to stop I suddenly was at episode 5, I kept watching and had to admit the series is actually really awesome.

    Like for many others Fluttershy is Niklas' favorite pony. The butterflies represent what the pony stands for: kindness.

    >> They play a short clip showing Fluttershy  <<

    “To me she is best pony because she represents what I like most about the series – the kindness, being open minded, treating everyone equal…”

    On the internet he exchanges views with other Bronies. In Germany there are about 10,000 fans. Niklas avatar – of course Fluttershy in a space suit. In the forum they share pictures and even compose own pony music.

    >> They play some lines of the Gipsy Bard<<

    The motto of the series: Friendship is magic. That’s why Bronies meet regularly, today in Hannover. A common ritual: Brohoove. The gesture with the two hooves - just like their ideals do.

    Fan (no name mentioned):
    To me it’s a hobby like any other. There are also friends who are interested in other animated series, so I don’t find that bad. And when it happens that one of my friends see me with my backpack - where I sometimes have pony buttons – they happen to ask: “Is this the backpack of your sister?” And then I reply: “No, this is my backpack.”

    Sharing thoughts about the series with each other is very important to the Bronies. Here for instance they discuss the character development of the individual ponies. They talk about fundamental questions like whether Rainbow Dash makes it into the group of elite flyers.

    Well, as a Brony of course you encounter those typical comments like “Are you gay?” and “That’s for little girls”. But when you do something you really like then you don’t care about those comments. And I don’t have to run around and annoy people, like “Hey I’m a Brony! Respect that!” There’s no need for that. But if someone asks me I would confirm 100%, yes I like the show and I like to meet with those people. But I don’t have to wear merchandise all day and rub it in everyone’s face.

    When Bronies are hanging out together everything that’s pink, has four legs and a tail is appreciated. Spending some money spontaneously is usual.
    (The fans buy balloons with a Rainbow Dash motive on the street)
    It just happened that these pink ponies galloped into the lives of Niklas Bömke and his friends – a horse friendship forever.