• Hasbro Studios President Discusses the MLP Brand

    Buried in the huge My Little Pony movie news yesterday was a bit of inside information from the president over at Hasbro Studios, or more specifically a quote: 

    “It was really the catalyst for the re-imagining of that brand, and it was incredibly successful on our network,” Davis said. “It’s distributed in 180 countries globally. With that, we’ve used that to re-imagine the product line, look at our digital strategies, our social media strategies … It’s an exciting time to time to be a pony fan or a brony.”

     It took a while to get to the point where the big wigs are talking about us as more than an oddity on the side of their little girls MLP target demo.  Hopefully with the movie comes some even cooler stuff down the road! I have a feeling pony is going to be completely insane these next few years.

    Thanks to JohnMellen for the heads up!