• Discussion: We have a Feature Length MLP Movie On the Way! What do You Want to See In It?

    While Equestria Girls has been a thing for the past two years, many of us have been begging for a movie focused on the actual ponies.  Unlike Equestria Girls, this one looks to be getting a whopping three years of hype to go with it. I guess that is why they are nailing that "Feature Length" tag line!

    A lot can happen in the show with a time table like that.  Who knows, maybe all the ponies really will become alicorns by then?

    Horror movies aside, what do you want to see in the very first major Equestria based movie? Should the ponies go on an epic adventure, or do you want something more down to earth and slice of life?

    Hit those comments up with your thoughts!

    I'm hoping for a "Travel with Trixie to the steam punkified griffon empire" thing, but I've been known to be weird.