• Article showing similarities between MLP And High Fantasy Series

     For anyone who loves to talk about high fantasy series, Den of Geek has written the article for you. They're looking at all the different fantasy elements of MLP and how they compare to other well known, more "serious" fantasy series. It's really cool to see how the different ideas can be used in so many ways.

     They do a really good job showing how the lighter ideas MLP uses have been used in darker series. For example the article mentions things like how the Windigoes could fit in nicely with Game of Thrones and their Winter woes. It also points out some interesting similarities between our equine friends and Lord of the Rings. Applejack as Sam anyone?

     The article gets into more obscure series too, including mentions of The Belgariad, which in case you've never read it, is one of those classic high fantasy series that you could use as weights.

     If you've ever wanted to know more about fantasy elements this is the article for you. It might also help folks who are worried MLP is too superficial as this really does point out the deeper aspects.

     Get it over here