• Discovery and Hasbro End Partnership of The Hub

    News has come out from the Wall Street Journal of Hasbro ending it's partnership with Discovery over The Hub network. Under the new agreements, Discovery will have controlling interests of The Hub and will rebrand the network the Discovery Family Network. This change can be expected as early as the 4th quarter. Hasbro will still have a large amount of influence over the company, controlling six hours of programming from 9am to 3pm.

    The Wall Street Journal muses that while Hasbro's involvement with the network is expected to decline it is also possible that other outlets, like Cartoon Network, might be approached to host their programming.

    We'll try to keep you all updated if more information arises. Thanks to SleepySteve for the heads up.

    Wall Street Journal Article

    Update: To view the entire article paste in "Discovery to Take Control of Hub Children's Network" to Google and click the Wall Street Journal result. For some reason this gets around their paywall which I accidentally discovered while searching for sources earlier.


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