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    Story updates! The CMC Found a bigger mountain edition.

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    Story: Persona MLP: The Nightmare Hour (Update Part 6+7!)

    [Adventure][Crossover][Shipping][Dark][Slice of Life]

    Author: Ninestempest
    Description: There is a problem plaguing Ponyville. For countless fillies and colts, every single night is filled with visions of their greatest fears, and it always seems to be at the same time: just after midnight. There are even rumors of a dark world where Ponyville is shrouded in an impenetrable darkness, and everything is still, as if time itself has stopped. While parents brush it off as part of their childrens' nightmares, the real nightmare for Ponyville is about to begin...

    Cornerstone, a new resident of Ponyville, would prefer to simply continue his work building and designing homes, rather than dwell on these rumors. Unfortunately, when a pair of murders rock the town, he and a certain six mares and dragon assistant all find themselves drawn into the mystery of this other world. Thus begins the race to find its origins, as well as the murderer using it for his own nefarious purposes. And it all starts with a single question:

    "Just who are you?"

    "Why, you're me... and I'm you."

    (A crossover that is accessible to those who have not played the games) 
    Persona MLP: The Nightmare Hour (New Part 6+7!)

    Story: Over the Hills and Far Away (New Part 4!)


    Author: Yipyapper
    Description: A mysterious stallion wielding incredible powers, with the help of mystical devices from Starswirl The Bearded's era, plunges Equestria into the pre-classical age—a place in time where questing and adventuring is first and foremost. The magical effects at play give the Cutie Mark Crusaders—unwittingly having helped the stallion usher in the change—a new world, new abilities and a new challenge to overcome, all while playing a crucial part in an ancient conflict as they fend for their lives.
    Over the Hills and Far Away (New Part 4!)

    Story: A Delicate Balance (Update Part 33!)


    Author: Japanese Teeth
    Description: Twilight is shocked to notice that her feelings for one of her friends aren't quite the same as her feelings for the rest of them. Does she simply prefer some of her friends over others, or is it a sign of something deeper?
    A Delicate Balance (New Part 33!)