• Random Merch: Loads of Backpacks, Wigs, Castles, and More!

    Pony wigs and headbands to go with your creepy eye things! The cry has been answered! Truly this Halloween is going to be an event to remember.

    These were found at Entertainment Earth by Thomas, have some links:

    Dash Wig
    Dash Ears
    Pinkie Ears

    And below the break, more random merch! Go get some.

    Daring Do and Rainbow Dash Shirt

    A random one from Hot Topic apparently.  Thanks to Rene for sending it! 


    I have no idea what taglets are, but maybe some of you do!

    Found by Bingk at Portsmouth VA

    AVON Pony Watch

    Found in an Avon magazine by Angela!

    Dry Erase Board

    Found at Toys R' Us by Unicornmon

    Backpacks and Supplies

    Just in case you want to rock college or high school with these, have a bunch of backpacks from various stores.  We start with a few from Staples from Marc up above.

    Rainbow Power up above was found at a Office Depot by Mike. 

    These two popped up at Toys R' Us.  Thanks to @AshmeadApple and @LeatherneckPony for those. 

    And finally, some general folders and stuff from Toys R' Us found by CorpulentBrony

    Rainbow Kingdom Set Hits Amazon

    Get that one over here!  Found by Jskr,

    Fake Figures in the Phillipines

    Mixing all the colors and generations.  Apparently it's only a buck though.  Not too bad.  Found by PhillipineBlazer