• Crystal Gaming - Finale!

    As Crystal Fair approaches the TF2 gaming tourney they started months ago is drawing to a close today! Expect some tough competition and some great commentary by the talented Saberspark as pony fans face off in a an epic battle royale. The tourney will be starting at 19:00 GMT+1, check after the break for all the information you need to participate.

    The brony Team Fortress 2 tournament, Crystal Gaming, has finally reached the finale match. It will be played on Monday, the 30th of June, at 19:00 GMT+1 (Greenwich mean time), or in other words 14:00 EST. It will be streamed live on Crystal Gaming’s Twitch channel, with Saberspark commentating the whole match!

    The two teams playing are Finland Ownage Squad and Goraku-bun. Both teams have gone through a single elimination tournament which originally consisted of 16 teams, which all in all had over 100 players. The three winners will receive prizes, such as Conscientious Objectors with custom Crystal Gaming decals, keys, and Tour of Duty Tickets.

    Crystal Gaming is organized by the same people as the upcoming convention, Crystal Fair, which will be held in Helsinki, Finland, from the 4th to the 6th of July, 2014. For more info about Crystal Gaming, you can visit their official pages here: http://gaming.crystalfair.fi/ . You can also read more about Crystal Fair here: http://www.crystalfair.fi/ .

    Finally, you can find Crystal Gaming here:

    Community Server IP:

    Twitter: Calpain