• MLP: CCG - Set 3 + 4 Confirmed, more info on Summer products!

    This weekend at Big Apple Ponycon, Enterplay revealed a bunch of new information about the future of the My Little Pony CCG, including confirming Sets 3 and 4!

    • Set 3, The Crystal Games, arrives in late summer! It has the first Mane Character cards for the CMCs, Spike, and Princess Cadance.
    • We just might have a certain major background pony (maybe the muffin-eating kind?) as a Friend and/or Mane Character in Set 3! Stay tuned...
    • Set 4, Absolute Discord, comes out late this year, and has Discord as a Friend, Troublemaker, AND Mane Character card.
    • Some villainous characters, like Queen Chrysalis, could show up as Mane Characters in Set 4!
    • Celestia Solstice Deluxe Set, coming this summer, contains special new Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia Mane Character cards that are unlike any that came before it.
    • Rock n Rave 2-player Set, also coming this summer, had its Mane Character cards shown off for the first time.

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