• EFNW 2014 Pony Stock, Music Track, and Tickets

    The announcements just keep coming from EFNW as the big day approaches! Tonight we've got not only a whole list of musicians, music panels, and more to announce, but we also have some more information on tickets which you can now pre-register for till June 15th.

    Check after the break for all the info!

    This year's Ponystock is sure to drop some sick beats with intense sound, fantastic lighting, and a lineup including:

    These fantastic musicians will all be rockin' the house on the Main Stage on Friday starting at 7:30PM and on Saturday starting at 8PM.

    We're also very excited to announce a special guest performance by Rebecca Shoichet, the VA for Sunset Shimmer and singing voice of Twilight, on Friday night at 8PM!

    Panels and Events

    Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite musicians are like when they're not performing their music? Come to the Music of Equestria panel on Friday at 3PM on the Main Stage for an interactive experience with the interesting personalities of the Pony fan music community.  There will be some funny games to watch, a short interview session, a chance for you to ask questions of your own, and a raffle for the audience! Be sure to show up on time if you want to enter the raffle because tickets will be handed out at the door.

    Everybody loves singing to ponies. Don't try to deny it, you know it's true. If you want a place where you can just let yourself sing as loud and proud as you want, then come to Sing-Alongs are Magic, a fun-loving environment where all we do is sing, sing, sing. Choose from your favorites from both the TV show and the fandom. Lyric videos will be provided. Think of it as a karaoke lounge, just bigger and with more rainbow-colored equines!

    Making a return from last year is our Orchestral/Soundtrack Musicians Panel! You will have the opportunity to learn about the collaborative process of composing for games, animation, and film. Come hear Stars in Autumn, Radiarc, Orchestral Design, and Captain Fluffatun talk about how they got their start musically, as well as how they write music for various productions. The panel will have an open Q&A session in the last half hour, and previews of new songs will be presented by all the panelists near the end. If you are interested in composing, or just like soundtracks, this is definitely a panel you don't want to miss.

    Got a little filly or colt that loves to dance? We're having a special event just for them! The first Everfree Northwest Foal Dance will be held on Friday at 4:30 PM in Crystal B.  Come shake your tail with DJ Pon3 mixin' it up and Pinkie Pie partying it up!

    EFNW Pre-registration Extended to June 15th

    We have good news for anypony worried about missing out on buying a badge to Everfree Northwest before the pre-registration deadline of June 13th. We have extended our pre-registration by two days! That means you may still pre-register for Everfree Northwest until June 15th!

    There is still time to get your Attendee, Patron, or very limited Sponsor badge. Remember, after pre-registration closes on June 15th the Patron and Sponsor badges with awesome perks like an exclusive Ponystock acoustic performance, priority seating at panels, and many more will no longer be available for purchase.

    After pre-registration closes badges may only be purchased at the event depending on availability. Guarantee your admission into Everfree Northwest this year by registering now at https://everfreenw.com/register/kiosk/web_reg/!

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