• Trotmania Crystallize LV. 8 - Final Update Released!

    Want 200 songs to Dance and or tap the keyboard rapidly to? Trotmania Crystallize (and sister project TrotMania Crusaders) has hit it's final update, calling it complete.  For those that haven't been following the project, it is a complete ponification of the popular Stepmania Dance Dance Revolution style game.  Expect ponies, and expect a bit of Frozen to top it off.

    Full Press release:
    ​After its launch in July of 2013, the game has received consistent support, including copious amounts of brony songs and even a sister project with many popular songs. Now, in April of 2014, the finale for both has been reached, with a Groove Radar-topping chart for Alex S.'s remix of the MLP Theme and the crystallized concoction of frost Let It Go sending off the 2 series along with all remaining songs that weren't available for standard play for DanceDanceRevolution gameplay. Check out further details on the site

     and look forward a sequel sometime this year!