• Hasbro Revenue Reports and Earnings from Q1 of 2014 - Girls Toys Continue to Grow

    In the world of big business, revenue is usually the force that eclipses everything.  If something is increasing that overall %, chances are it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The Girls category over at Hasbro is reporting a whopping 21% increase, crediting both My Little Pony and Equestria Girls as the primary sources.  To put it in perspective, it looks like Boys only increased by 2%, while their games and preschool business both fell by -4%. 

    With season 5 confirmed a few months ago, and pony in general rumoring action long into the future, I don't think this ride will end any time soon.

    Full report over here, thanks to SleepySteve, Mike, Matt, and everyone else for the heads up!

    Update: Video report here