• Next G.M. Berrow Book Listed - Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair

    For all of you following the paperback pony series by G.M. Berrow, the next installment has been revealed over on Hachette Book Group.  Starring Fluttershy this time around, we have a January 6, 2015 release date on it.  Unfortunately there aren't any images available yet of the cover, so have a cute fluttershy instead.  Head on down below the break for the description!

    Description: Fluttershy is shocked to discover that her pet bunny, Angel, wants to enter the annual Fine Furry Friends Fair herding contest! Who's ever heard of a bunny herding cows and sheep? Fluttershy agrees to train him, but their first practice is a disaster. Fluttershy is too afraid of failure to continue, until all her friends bring something special to help out.

    Thanks to Brony250 for the heads up.