• Random Merch: Pony Playing Cards, Underwear, Rainbow Power School Supplies, and General Japanese Stuff

    Over in the wonderful world of Hot Topic, yet another piece of merch is making the rounds.  A full set of oldschool style playing cards is now available. The image above shows off who is who.  Be sure to call in first, as some people have mentioned not being able to find them at all the stores yet. Thanks to Marguerite and

    Head on down below the break for more Random merch!

    Lenticular Puzzle

    I have no idea what a Lenticular puzzle is, but we have a pony one now. 

    Found at: Target
    Thanks to Angela and Sylongra for the heads up!

    Swirl Decorations

    For parties I guess? Hang them from the ceiling!

    Found at: Walmart
    Thanks to Framwinkle for the heads up!

    Pony Bag

    10x12 in size.

    Found at: FYE
    Thanks to Daulton for the heads up!

    Rainbow Power School Supplies

    They are really rampin up the merch for Rainbow Power aren't they?

    Found at: 99 Cent Store in Arizona
    Thanks to Valiance for the heads up!

    Pajamas and Underwear 

    Is this the first set from Target? I know Hot Topic has had similar stuff for a while.

    Found at: Target
    Thanks to Andres for the heads up!

    Akhibara General Pony Display

    And finally, we end with a general pony display for those of you in japan or planning to go to Japan

    Found at: ANIME-FIGURE in Akhibara, Tokyo
    Thanks to Aaron for the heads up!