• BABSCon Auctioning High Society Pony Tickets To Help A Friend In Need

    Some rough news out of the BABSCon crew tonight as one of their own deals with a sudden medical emergency. In response, the convention is currently auctioning two of their High Society Pony Tickets to help raise much needed money for their friend in need. Considering these tickets sold out a long time ago, it's quite a deal and can help out a person in need at the same time!

    Check after the break for the full story and how you can help.

    To all our attendees, our friends, our family and fellow bronies do I write to you today to bear sad tidings. A friend of us all, though you may not know her, is in need of our help. Olivia Daniels a.k.a Obsidian Winters, our Vice Chair and Head of events for BABSCon, mother of two, and fellow brony is in a race against time to save her mother and the life they had as a family.
    To help support our dearest friend we are auctioning 2 of our High Society Pony memberships on ebay located here and here. The High Society pass is one of our premium memberships that sold out some time ago and features a meet and greet where you and your fellow High Society members can mingle and chat with our Guests of Honor. All the proceeds of these auctions will go directly to help Olivia’s mother. There is also a Go Fund Me here for those who wish to help as they can.

    The High Society Pony Memberships feature a 3 day pass, con book, con-exclusive swag bag including BABSCon T-shirt, poster, and lanyard, custom-drawn badge with your OC or the MLP:FiM character of your choice, priority seating at panels, events, signings, etc, $20 in Autograph Vouchers, and of course the exclusive VIP meet-and-greet.

    I encourage you to read below, the story of Olivia Daniels and her mother and the heart wrenching tragedy that no family deserves.

    We Are Borg
    Head of PR and Marketing
    Bay Area Brony Spectacular Convention

    Meet Cheryl Daniels. She is the mother of Olivia Daniels, more commonly known as Obsidian Winter in our quaint fandom.

    You may know Olivia as the former head of Events and Programming for BronyCon 2013. She serves in the same capacity to us here at BABSCon 2014, to which she's brought her unique brand of wisdom and skill, should you be attending. She’s a passionate member of this fandom and, like us, she has worked to make the fandom the exciting and dynamic place we’ve all come to love.

    But most importantly, she’s our friend. And she needs help…our help.

    Not two days ago, Cheryl Daniels was admitted to St. Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, TN, suffering from acute liver failure brought on by Hepatitis C, which she originally contracted via a blood transfusion. Currently unable to eat or drink normally, she requires infusion of fluid and nutrients from expensive IV “banana bags,” as she holds out for a liver transplant. She's also in immediate danger of losing both her home and her car.

    A widow since 2000, Cheryl has worked 2, sometimes, 3 jobs to support her children and grandchildren. She has always been there for the family, enabling her husband to pursue his dreams while he was alive, supporting her kids’ education, and being a loving grandparent. The money she was making at her current job was not enough to allow her to afford health insurance premiums, but too much to allow her to qualify for Tennessee's State assistance programs.

    Now, with her mother in this dire condition, the responsibility has fallen to Olivia. Olivia, however, is currently on disability due to a work-related back injury in early November that crushed two disks in her spine. She’s also raising two children of her own, Anya & Serenity. Her sister, Wendy, is unable to assist due to her own diabetes-related health problems, and caring for her two adult autistic children.  

    Dealing with the prospect of losing her remaining parent and facing an impending foreclosure on her mother’s home and repossession of her mother’s car, Olivia needs help.

    To be precise, she needs $10,000 worth of help to confront immediate costs. $3,500 will go to pay for IV nutrition to help sustain her mother. The rest will go to cover the most immediate outstanding accounts of her mother’s mortgage and car payments, so that as soon as possible, Olivia can move in and take over the mortgage payments and her mother’s in-home care.

    But, again, this money only addresses the most immediate needs. It does nothing for Cheryl's hospital bills, and ongoing IV nutrition and liver medications needed are going to continue being a burden, so more will be necessary over time.

    If you can help, even a little bit, please consider donating. Every cent will go to helping Olivia stabilize her mother’s health and pay her debts. Hopefully, this will help get their family get back on their feet. If you’re not in a position to donate, you can still help by sharing this with your friends. The more people see this, the more likely some of them can pitch in.