• Discussion: Build a RPG Team from Ponies!

    Twilight Sparkle has spent the last week dying to play some form of roleplaying game, be it oldschool pen and paper dungeons and dragons, or one of those newfangled MMORPG things introduced by the sudden population of humans crossing the inter-world boundary.  After finally convincing the others of the mane six to join her, it's time to get the planning going.  Unfortunately, she can't decide on what to play, and summoned you to choose for her!

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and you better, that summon spell is hard) is to pick a game for the ponies to take part in, and decide each of their classes/roles for them.  Feel like running Fluttershy as a druid/healer in their new World of Warcraft group? Or maybe you want to force her to be assertive in an agressive tanking role? Maybe Sci-fi is your thing, and Applejack would make a great merchant/miner in EVE while Rainbow Dash plays bodyguard?  It's entirely up to you!

    Hit the comments up with your game, and classes for each of the ponies.