• Nightly Roundup #935

    I saw this lovely picture of Silver Spoon and just had to use it tonight. She does look lovely when not sneering at other ponies. Why not Applejack? Well, that is where you guys come in! We're trying a different kind of voting tonight! For tomorrow night I'm looking for an AJ/Apple Family pic for the header and I want you guys to suggest one. Leave a link in your comment and whoever gets the highest votes will have that pic used as the header (as long as it is clean).

    At any rate, check out the news after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    King5 Seattle Covers Emerald City Comicon and Bronies

    Bronies are showing up at more than just pony conventions nowadays it seems! Check out this little segment by King5 on Bronies at Emerald City!

    Check out the full story here!

    The End of Tomorrow - Comic Dub

    Got another one of those dubs for you guys! Check it out!

    Cinema Snob Reviews EqG

    We're getting word from some Cinema Snob fans that he has reviewed EqG. Though you can only watch it on his new DVD at the moment, it might hit his channel sometime in the future. You can find the announcement at the 32:50 in the video linked below.

    Check out the full story here!

    TrotMania Chrystalize Updated

    TrotMania just got notably bigger! Over 30 new original songs, the return of several DDR classics, and hits from The Living Tombstone, Sim Gretina, and the show all make appearances! Check it out at trotmania.blogspot.com and be sure to check the latest post for more information and the Downloads section if you're interested!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    MLP+I Club hosts the "Road Trip to SF!"

    Hey Bronies! The MLP+I Club is going to take a road trip from Sacramento to San Francisco for a day!


    We will be exploring the city and hitting as many of the tourist spots as possible, and we wanted to invite everypony to come with us! We will meet at Pier 39 and will wait in the area for a couple hours to gather. We will then walk around the city and stopping by locales such as Ghirardeli Square and Japan Town. We also plan on getting dinner on a location of the group’s choice. We’re sure this will be a full day of fun in SF!

    The club members will be waiting at the front of the pier from 10AM to 10:30AM to wait for you guys to gather. After that we will remain at the pier until the described time where we will transition to Ghirardeli square. Anyone wishing to join us at a later time may meet us at the area we are in at the designated time.

    Just a quick note: the club members will be going on a very specific time frame, meaning that we will only be at a certain place for a certain amount of time in order to reach all locations. Anyone coming to this meetup who is NOT in the club has the freedom to come and go from the group as they please. However, it will be that individual's responsibility to keep in touch with the herd, should they leave.


    The schedule for the club members is as follows:

    - 10:00AM
    Arrival into SF. Meet at Pier 39

    - 1:00 PM
    Walk toward Ghirardeli Square

    - 3:00 PM
    Walk to Japan Town

    - 6:00 PM
    Head Towards the Dinner Location

    After dinner activities are improvised until we leave the city


    If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]
    or call/text (916) 668-9674

    Visit out website at http://sacstate.orgsync.com/org/mlpandinterests

    Follow out Facebook Page for News: https://www.facebook.com/mlpinterests?ref=hl

    BONC Link: http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-of-Northern-California/events/173917082/

    If you are a Sac State student and want to join our club, send us an email!

    See y'all soon,
    - Cobalt (Club Meet Up Manager)
    Carlos Alfaro (Club President)

    My Little Pony CCG at ECCC

    Come join us at Emerald City Comic Con and play the My Little Pony Collectable Card Game!

    The party room is open 10 am to 12 am at night in the Kirkland Room on the third floor of the Sheraton!

    There will be learn to play, free play, and 32 person tournaments with epic prizes and promos!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Looking into Leap of Faith

    3/30 Brony Music Billboard

    The Hot 50 for the week of March 30th has been revealed! Don't forget to vote at bronymusicbillboard.blogspot.com if you can!

    D.E. Bronies React: Episode 17 - Maud Pie (Reaction)

    EQC Podcast: Episode 35 - Flim & Flams Philosophy

    Horse, and the latest in news and episode discussion surrounding magical talking horses in this weeks episode of the Equestria Confidential Podcast. After some shoddy season 4 announcements and a hilarious Equestria Girls 2 release, this episode was a bit underwhelming.

    But whilst the Flim Flam brother's cure-it-all tonic may not have been so successful during the episode, it gave us the confidence to carry on regardless!

    In Retrospect: Children of the Night

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    March 30, 2011-2013

    2011 - We hit 1000 blog posts, a huge pony shipping chart, Jason Thiessen on Ponychan, and Savage Worlds Pen and Paper RPG.

    2012 - Double Rainboom animatic and pony gaming icons.

    2013 - A pony with a disability in the future is a possibility and Double Rainboom is released.

    Twitter: Calpain