• EquestriaBound - An Earthbound Hack

    Earthbound has always been one of my favorite games. I still fondly remember when I was in 2nd grade getting that huge box it came in and reading the heck out of the strategy guide that came with it. I occasionally come back to play the game and it's just as good as the first time I played it.

    But now, I have another reason to play the game through again with this amazing ROM hack from Rydel of the Starmen.net forums! I was a bit skeptical at first when I downloaded it earlier today, but I've got to say this is a class act redo of a classic starring all of our favorite ponies. With a nice twist of humor, redone graphics, music, script, and events to match the world of Equestria Earthbound is brand new again!

    So join the adventures of Dinky, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo as they first the great nightmare that has descended on their land.

    Check after the break for some screenshots I took while I was testing it out as well as links to where you can download it.

    Update from Rydel: I've located some bugs and fixed them.  One of the bugs could be game breaking if you encounter it.

    I have released an updated version which fixes the issue (the links are the same).  Updating is highly recommended. When updating, you will need to use a normal save to keep your progress through the update, not a save state.
    Also, users using the patch will need to patch a fresh rom, not apply the new patch over the old one.

    Derpy! This is off to a good start.
    Death by a thousand paper cuts - even weapons have gotten a makeover

    While old enemies do remain, some new ones are added to the mix as well!
    Welcome to Ponyville!
    Just an example of some of the changes made to the game.
    Hope that has made you guys curious! If you want to download the game follow the links below and make sure to visit the creator's Twitter and give him thanks. This really is awesome!

    ROM Patch Link
    Don't know how to patch a ROM? Get the already patched ROM below!
    Pre-patched ROM Link

    Thread on Starmen.net

    Rydel's Twitter

    Twitter: Calpain