• Pre-Orders for "The Daring Do Adventure Collection" and "The Journal of Two Sisters" Books on Amazon, Plus More Information

    Two of the recently announced books are now available over on Amazon.   Amy Keating Rogers "Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Celestia and Luna" (176 Pages) can be found over here, with G.M. Berrow's "The Daring Do Adventure Collection" over here.  We also have a bit of extra info on the Daring Do series (at a whipping 720 pages!).  Get that below!

    New Synopsis/About the author column:
     A.K. Yearling's adventure novels starring the fearless Daring Do have been recognized as the best-selling series in Equestria history. Yearling holds a degree in Literature from Pranceton University. After college, she briefly worked as a researcher at the National Archives for Equestrian Artifacts and Ponthropology in Canterlot. During that time, she wrote an essay based on her findings on the Griffon territories entitled "What was the Name of that Griffon Again? Or Beak and Roaming Studies Recalled." It was published last year by the University of Equexeter's journal, Pegasus. She enjoys quiet time at home alone and long trots on the beach.

    G.M. Berrow is a writer and television industry professional living in Brooklyn, New York. When she was little, she aspired to become either a princess or a magical pony. Things seem to be right on schedule.
    Thanks to Jason for the heads up.