• Album Compilation - February

    January and February have already proven to be filled with albums.  Need to fill up some playlists with a bit of new stuff?  Have some of those: 

    Electro Babble EP - YourEnigma
    Luna'd - Neighsayer
    Snacks, Hugs, and Rock 'n Roll - Sprocket
    Bootlegs - Freewave
    Winter Night - Various Composers
    Seeds of Discord EP - Baschfire

    And get all the info below!

    Electro Babble EP
    Composer: YourEnigma
    Genre: Electronic Eclectic

    Description: YourEnigma's first more formally released EP with a characteristically eclectic mix of electronic-y stuff, jazzy stuff, funky stuff and whatever else struck him at the moment of conception. Enjoy the ride and let it swing!

    Composer: Neighsayer
    Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Country, Rock

    Description: It's been almost a year since I put out my last album, but there still isn't much to say down here.

    This is my third compilation album. It's a collection of every song I released between 7 May, 2013 and 5 January, 2014.

    I've fixed up most of the songs in terms of mixing and changed an instrument in track 7, but for the most part there isn't anything new.

    I've also racked up a bunch of download credits, so no real need for a free download down here. Only pay if you really think I deserve it :)

    Snacks, Hugs, and Rock 'n Roll
    Composer: Sprocket
    Genre: Rock, Blues, Hip-Hop, Jazz

    Description: Featuring an eclectic mix of music from many popular genres like rock, blues, jazz, and hip- hop; and collaborations with many artists (Feather, Forest Rain, YourEnigma, Cyril the Wolf, MC Flowny aka Rhyme Flow, JCarlson, Naught Note, and Sax Brony), Snacks, Hugs, and Rock 'n Roll is two years worth of feel good pony music now available in one album. (Yes, the tattoo in the picture is real).

    Composer: Freewave
    Genre: All Kinds

    Description: 'm a big lover of sampling and part of what comes being an ex-dj is using influences and samples from some of my favorite songs of the past to craft some new pony songs of the present. Some of these tracks will be brand new to people, others are almost a full 2 years old, but all were planned to be part of this album which is now complete! So whether its a mash-up, medley, ponified cover, or a remix I hope you like journey thru the musical past

    Winter Night
    Composer: Multiple
    Genre: Various

    Description: This winter Russian bronies have united to create a compilation album. Various musicians, various genres ranging from alternative rock to dubstep and IDM. Listen and discover some of the most well-known and promising Russian brony musicians

    Seeds of Discord EP
    Composer: Baschfire
    Genre: Orchestral

    Description: 6 Track EP with a fusion of Japanese and American sounds and styles. Be prepared to listen to fast and driving tracks that are sure to get your heart pounding, your head banging, and your feet moving!